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IMAP Mail Server

This server provides access to email via IMAP protocol. The main advantage of this solution is the accessibility of your E-mail folders when you are connecting from different places. The Mail can be accessed via a web interface that allows you to view the content of your mail box and send messages. Also automatic mail sorting (filters on the server) is supported. Another advantage is protection against spam.

The service is provided for staff and students of the faculty.

If you want to start using IMAP server, follow these instructions:

If you want to start using the faculty mail server, you need to set a FEE password.

Settings FEE password


Use your user name (e. g. NOVAKJ01) and FEE password for login.

Sign in


Technical specifications for connection to the IMAP server

  • Server name:
  • IMAP + SSL security (port 993) and authorization
  • SMTP server:
  • SMTP + TLS security (port 25) and authorization
  • SMTP + SSL security (port 465) and authorization
    Select if you have a problem with sending mail through port 25 (e. g. provider.s firewall).
  • TLS / SSL is signed by a certificate authority "USERTrust" (TERENA SSL CA).
  • Authorization - your username and FEE passsword

Deleting of e-mail account

An E-mail account is automatically deleted after 240 days after the end of the legal relationship to the faculty (student, staff).

In case of technical problems, please, contact the address

Responsible person: Ing. Martin Samek