IT Centre (SVTI)

Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Microsoft Campus

CTU signed up to Microsoft Campus Agreement in July 2014 and this agreement runs for a term of 36 calendar months. There are limited products available under the Campus Agreement so Select is run in parallel to cover the remainder. The licences under Campus are non-perpetual but those under Select are valid in perpetuity.

These software products are available under the agreement:
  • Windows desktop Operating System Upgrade,
  • Office Professional,
  • Core CAL.

The software included in the Campus Agreement is covered by full upgrade and downgrade rights. The agreement provides Microsoft software for all university owned PCs. Additionally, the license allows staff to install one copy of the software on one home PC for work-related use.

More information: CTU


The contract does not contain full version of OS. We recommend using WIN 10 Home in OEM version or box version as a base upgrade license. The box version is not bound to a specific computer and can be used after replacing your computer with a new one.

SELECT for Education

Product prices, respectively price list will be sent upon request. Microsoft does not want to publish price lists on the Internet. The prices are indicative only and do not include VAT.

Warning: SELECT for Education does not contain operating systems for new computers. You have to purchase an OEM version of Windows from your dealer.

Follow these instructions:

  1. Announce your request to your administrator of SELECT (Ing. Viktor Vesely, tel. 3929 or e-mail
  2. Administrator will provide you installation media (access on internet or lending of CDROM).
  3. Report the number of installed licenses.
  4. After next billing of program SELECT, SVTI will send you an internal invoice for the appropriate amount for the licenses.
Responsible person: Ing. Michal Dočkal