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Recommended settings of a Novell network client

The client can be downloaded from Novell website. Select the Novell Client and the desired operating system. If you are student, you should enter felis instead of felnet and context instead of

Windows 8/Windows 7/Vista


There is described installation procedure for the client version of the Novell Client 2 SP1 located in the directory Login/Clients/2008_Vista_7 at FELNET below. For other versions it is similar. If you do not want to set the parameters manually, run the installation by command felnet.cmd.

Step by step select:
  • Use Windows language installation
  • I Accept the Novell license agreement
  • Express Installation
  • Install
  • Reboot

After restarting the computer select Computer Only Logon. Step by step select Center Network and Sharing, Change adapter settings, Properties, Novell Client for Windows, Properties.

Setting up network components

Novell Client for Windows

  • On the System Login Profiles tab, select Default and click the button Properties. Set Preferred Server to and Preferred Tree to cvut. Then set item Tree to cvut, item Name Context to and click the button Add.
  • On the System Login Profiles tab enter your profile name, and then click the button Add.
    On the eDirectory Tree tab set Tree to cvut, Context to and Server to On the tabs 802.1x and NMAS uncheck Enable Tab.
  • On the Advanced Login tab set the item NMAS authentication to Off. If you want to log into Windows using the standard method, set the Novell Logon to Off.
  • On the Advanced Settings tab set item Signature Level to 2.

For proper functioning of the client is essential to have in the firewall enabled outbound TCP port 524, respectively this port must not be blocked by any firewall.

Access via SFTP

We recommend WinSCP program.

Host name:
File protocol: SFTP

To activate the full support of Czech characters there is necessary to set in Connection Properties:
Check item Advanced options, then set Environment/UTF-8 encoding for filenames = On.

Responsible person: Ing. Michal Dočkal