IT Centre (SVTI)

Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Computer rooms


Computer room no. 404 is available for students at this time. Diskless computers, placed there, boot from the network. To access the computer rooms, you need your CTU student identity card and your CTU password.

Karlovo náměstí

Computer rooms and laboratories in the building E in Karlovo náměstí are managed by the appropriate departments. In case of a problem with the laboratory equipment, please, contact local department administrator:

  • Department of Cybernetics manages the classrooms KN:E-132, KN:E-220 a KN:E-230.
    Administrators Aleš Kapica and Ing. Daniel Večerka.
  • Department of Computer Science manages the classrooms KN:E-307, KN:E-310, KN:E-311, KN:E-328 a KN:E-331.
    Administrator Ing. Petr Benda.
  • Department of Computer Graphics and Interaction manages the classroom KN:E-327.
    Administrators Ing. Martin Vaňko and Ing. Martin Vrátil.
  • Department of Control Engineering manages the classrooms KN:E-2, KN:E-23, KN:E-26 a KN:E-s109 (Strojovna).
    Administrators Aleš Kapica and Ing. Martin Samek.

For log-in to stations and services use your username and CTU password, unless otherwise stated.

More information

Responsible person: Ing. Martin Samek