IT Centre (SVTI)

Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Technical support for events

Technical support provided by SVTI

  • Rental and installation of presentation and IT equipment
  • Operator training
  • PC classrooms configuration
  • Wireless access configuration
  • Video recording and processing (T2:D3-209, 309, C4-80, KN:E-107, 301 only),
  • Photo documentation
  • On-line streaming (T2:D3-209, 309, C4-80, KN:E-107, 301 only),
  • Assistance

How to arrange support for your event:

  1. The event organizer (contact person) is an employee of the faculty:
    Insert a new event into the Event Calendar application (ask the responsible person at your department). The proposal must include the extent of technical support requested and a contact to the event organizer. If the event space allocation and requirements do not collide with another event, the responsible faculty scheduler will approve the event in the Event Calendar application, and, if requested in the proposal, the event will be automatically published on faculty website.
  2. The event organizer (contact person) is not an employee of the faculty:
    Non-faculty subjects should contact the Dean’s office secretary with an event request. The Dean’s office delegates the request to the TPO, which will sign a contract with the organizer. The TPO will insert the proposal for the event into the Event Calendar application.
    Warning: if a non-faculty subject contacts directly TPO, SVTI or another department, the event must still be first approved by the FEL secretary (or other member of the faculty management).
    Equipment rental rules

Technical support of education

Teachers should send their support requests to or call 5899, 3919 (Dejvice), 7511 (Karlovo náměstí).

Responsible person: Ing. Martin Samek