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Changes in the rules of using CTU e-mail services

On April 20 2021, the Rector's Order 07/21 came into force. The order introduces new, unified rules within the CTU for e-mail services operated at the CTU. These rules aim to respond to the current requirements to increase the trustworthiness and reliability of e-mail delivery. Another significant benefit is its more comprehensive protection against spam, phishing, abuse of addresses and ID theft. By implementing these rules, we will be able to meet the standards in e-mail services set by key online players such as Google, Seznam, Microsoft and others. Online attack methods are becoming more sophisticated, and educational institutions and their information systems are being targeted. Implementing these rules will enable the administrators to deploy advanced message security and integrity mechanisms.

These rules require a change in some long-standing practices, both on the postal system operator and the users. A transitional period until October 30, 2021, is set for the implementation of these changes. After this date, it will no longer be possible to:

  • redirect delivered messages from the FEE mailbox to another mailbox outside the CTU domain,
  • use third-party services to retrieve messages from the FEE mailbox (entering access data to the third-party service).

Who is affected by the rule change?

The new rules impact all FEE users (employees and students) who have set up the forwarding of incoming mail to e-mail boxes outside the CTU (,,, etc.). The rules also impact users who check their mail through the systems of third parties to which they have entered their credentials (FEE Password).

The change does not apply to users who use the Horde web interface or a mail client with FEE servers set up to access mail.

Cancel the redirection of your faculty mailbox by August 31 2021.

Access to FEE e-mail

It is possible to access the FEE e-mail via the Horde web interface or the mail client (IMAP and SMTP) on a PC or a mobile device. If you do not know your FEE password, you can reset it in the UDB application.

How do I cancel a mail redirect?

  1. If you have set up FEE mail redirection in the UDB application, log in to the application with the CTU / SSO password and go to your user profile by clicking on your user name in the header ("Logged in as: username"). In the user profile, select the Edit tab. In the Maildrop field, delete the redirect you are cancelling and enter the address as username@imap (this is neccessary for proper e-mail function).

  2. If you have set up forwarding in the Horde web interface, log in to Horde using your FEE Password. In the menu, click Mail -> Filters. Deactivate the Forward filter.

  3. If you use the CTU e-mail and set up the forwarding of this e-mail to an address outside of the domain, then to cancel the redirection proceed according to the instructions (Czech language).

More e-mails at various divisions of CTU

Choose one e-mail address and mailbox as your primary one (preferably the one connected to your full-time job). For any other addresses you may have, you may set up redirection to the primary address. Set the default address as "Preferred e-mail" in the user profile in the Usermap application (Settings tab - E-mail address settings).

Simultaneous use of FEE e-mail and CTU e-mail

You can still use both e-mail addresses and mailboxes independently of one another, or

  • if you prefer to use Microsoft 365 cloud technologies, use CTU e-mail as the primary address and FEE e-mail to redirect the filter settings in the Horde to it,
  • if you prefer to use FEE e-mail, you can set the redirection of CTU e-mail to FEE e-mail according to the instructions (Czech language).

If you have any questions regarding changing the e-mail settings, do not hesitate to contact your IT administrator in your department or at the IT Centre (SVTI) via the CTU HelpDesk.

Responsible person: Ing. Martin Samek