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Wireless network SSID fel

It is strongly recommended to use wireless network eduroam to all users with equipment capable of working with 802.1x. For those who have the hardware and software without this ability, there is SSID fel.

SSID fel allows you to access a wireless network with minimal equipment requirements for your computer. You will need only a browser with SSL support, which is available in majority of platforms. The safety is lower, there is encryption only during the process of verifying your identity, and data transmission is not encrypted. This network of course does not support network roaming.

Turn on the wireless connection, click View Wireless Networks and select the wireless network fel.

Each time you turn on your computer you will have to prove your identity to firewall that protects the wireless network. Firewall simultaneously verifies your permission to use the wireless network.

Open your Internet browser and enter any URL. You will see a login page.

Obrázek: Login page

Enter your user name and password for eduroam. Confirm by pressing Enter, or click the Submit button.

If the entered data is correct and you have the appropriate permissions, the system will confirm login and you will be able to use the wireless network. Otherwise firewall will enable you to correct the data.

Responsible person: Ing. Martin Samek