IT Centre (SVTI)

Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Operating rules of study rooms for notebooks

Operating rules regulate the conditions of use of study rooms for notebooks managed by SVTI FEL.

  1. Study rooms are designed for students, employees and co-workers of FEE and may be used only for study and work related tasks.
  2. Study rooms are opened according to the schedule placed at the entrance.
  3. Users of study rooms are obliged to respect the "rules of using the CTU network", which are stated in CTU Rector's command No.8/99 and Operating rules of computer rooms.
  4. Users are also required to:
    1. use only devices which design and state comply with valid safety standards and regulations
    2. adhere to the rules of health and safety at work and fire safety principles
    3. follow the instructions of staff
    4. report problems with equipment of study room to the staff
    5. in case of risk of fire or accident report immediately to SVTI staff or at the reception
    6. keep quiet and not disturb other users of the study room
  5. Users are prohibited from:
    1. staying in study rooms outside their working hours
    2. making any changes to the installed equipment
    3. connecting to power or data network any device which does not comply with paragraph 4a) or is not related to the purpose of study room according to paragraph 1 of these Rules of Operation
    4. entering in dirty shoes, eating, drinking and smoking in computer rooms
  6. The faculty is not responsible for property left in the study room and for damage caused by technical condition of student.s equipment or invalid connections.
  7. Compliance with operating rules:
    1. User bears full responsibility for the technical suitability, condition and operational impacts of the connected device.
    2. If the user violates the rules of operation, SVTI can deny user's access to the study room for two weeks. Director of SVTI will inform the Dean for Educational Affairs about the reasons for the ban.
  8. Exceptions to the rules of operation are possible only on the basis of a written statement of the dean of the faculty or dean for educational affairs.

This operating procedure shall come into effect on November 29th, 2004, and may be supplemented by additions that will be published together with the operating rules in the study room and on websites.

doc. Ing. Boris Šimák, CSc.

Responsible person: Ing. Martin Samek