IT Centre (SVTI)

Faculty of Electrical Engineering


We provide video conferencing (web conferencing) and support for special scenarios for organizing committee and council meetings, project meetings and seminars with remote participants. Two-way video, audio and data sharing facilities are available in meeting rooms T2: C4-80, A4-7, A4-104. We have Logitech mobile solutions that can be rented. We can still handle video conferencing using traditional H.323/SIP video conferencing units for special requests. We cooperate with the CESNET association and AVC Silicon Hill when implementing special requirements.

Supported cloud technologies:

On-premise solutions:

In individual cases, other technologies can also be used (CISCO WebEx, Microsoft Skype, Citrix GoToMeeting, ...) but only with the meeting participants' own accounts.

Submit requests for service or consultation through the CTU Helpdesk, or send to the address

Responsible person: Ing. Martin Samek