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Remote access to FEE via VPN

Authorized users can connect to the faculty network (for example, from home, abroad, or from another university) by the FEE VPN (Virtual Private Network). This is the way how to access the services accessible only from the faculty or university network. After connecting to the FEE VPN, your computer will have an identical IP address as when connected to the faculty network.

The FEE VPN is primarily intended for individual use by FEE employees and students. If you need to use VPN, e.g., for students' access to your laboratory, please, inform SVTI about this in advance.

Example of services available via VPN:

Example of services available without a VPN:


The FEE VPN service can be used by all teachers, students, and faculty staff. Access is possible from public IPv4 or IPv6 addresses. To access, use the CTU identity username (username without or and the FEE password (different from the CTU password). You can set the FEE password for this identity in the UDB application according to these instructions. It is no longer possible to use the FEE EDUROAM password or the CTU password to log in.

These protocols can be used for connection:

  • OpenVPN
  • L2TP/IPsec
  • L2TPv3/IPsec and EtherIP/IPsec
  • SoftEther VPN


In case of problems with VPN connection setting, contact us via the CTU HelpDesk, FEL_SUPPORT project, NET component.

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Responsible person: Ing. Martin Samek