IT Centre (SVTI)

Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Information for new employees

1 Pick up the CTU Card and CTU Password

Visit Card Publishing Center CTU with your ID, and you will get CTU card and CTU password. You can change this password.

2 Set your FEE password

Set up your FEE password for access to faculty services (E-mail, e.g.)

3 Set your eduroam password

Set up your eduroam password for access to Wi-Fi.

4 Read your E-mail

Log in to your E-mail using your FEE password. The faculty e-mail account is automatically created only for employees on the employment contract. More information…

5 Set your contact information in Usermap

Set your contact information (phone number, room) in Usermap - CTU user database.

Responsible person: Ing. Martin Samek